TrueBlue—Our Client Service System

One of our core values at Blue Clover Devices is “Cherish the Client.” One way we do this is to avoid wasting our client’s time. We’ve noticed a steady climb in the quantity of emails exchanged between our team and contacts within client organizations, which is a good sign of cooperation. But even with great communication, it can be a challenge for everyone to stay on the same page. In order to save you time and reduce waste, we have launched the TrueBlue Client Services portal.

True Blue BCDTrueBlue Client Services is our custom-built request tracking system that makes sure that you, our client, always know where things stand. Rather than relying on email and spreadsheets to track important issues, our self-organizing system does the busy work for you. You can use this system to track the following kinds of everyday activity:

  • RFQ—request for quote
  • RFI—request for information. Not sure if you need FCC, UL, CE, CCC, etc? Just ask!
  • RFS—request for sample (sample materials or units from the production line, etc.)
  • RMA—return material authorization (for quality concerns)

It’s easy to get to TrueBlue: the address is and it works on any device. Register in now, and experience the TrueBlue Service!