Testing and Regulatory

Blue Clover Devices Testing and Regulation

Engineering, Debugging & Testing

Our engineering team has a proven track record in lab testing for Safety, EMC, WIFI, Reliability, ROHS, MFI, and more. We also help many of our clients acquire and successfully maintain product certifications like UL, CE, CCC, TUV, FCC, and PSE in major international markets.

UL certification of WTDP is particularly valuable because it ensures a faster overall process, saving you precious time and resources. As experts at navigating testing and regulation ourselves, we are prepared to assist the authentication process for our clientele.

To support your testing and regulation process, our WTDP-certified lab is equipped with advanced analytic and diagnostic equipment and devices, including:

Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope
Spectrum Analyzer (9kHz ~ 3GHz)
Anritsu Signal Generator (1.3 GHz)
RF Shielded Testing Chamber
Memmert Temperature & Humidity Testing Chamber (+160C/320F)
Agilent Digital Multimeters
YOKOGAWA Data Acquisition Unit
Chroma Electronics Load
Chroma Electrical Safety Analyzer
Industrial Grade 3D printer (9 colors, real ABS thermoplastics)
Minolta Pro Color Reader
AC Voltage Regulator (5kVA, 0~300V)