Mobile App Development for IoT

Studies show that smartphone users spend far more time on their apps than they do the mobile web, proving that well-designed apps are crucial to positive user experience.

At Blue Clover Devices, we believe that mobile applications are only as good as their usability. We excel at striking the delicate balance between utility and an intuitive interface, ensuring our client’s applications are both functional and beautiful. When BCD builds mobile apps with our clients, we are enabling their users to collect data, control their IoT products wirelessly, and even bridge their internet connection straight from their mobile devices.

In our passion for creating quality mobile apps, BCD is unbiased. We develop applications for both iOS and Android devices, focusing only on the most important feature sets. That’s because one of the BCD 8 Points is “Cherish the Client”: as THE IoT ODM, we consider your success to be ours.