Hardware Design

Blue Clover Devices Hardware Design

Circuit Design & PCB Layout 

At Blue Clover Devices, every client’s product design undergoes a rigorous series of quality assurance checks. With over 12 years of hardware experience, our expert engineering team has created a gate system to make sure every design is not only functional, but undergoes testing and debugging to meet PRD (Product Requirement Document) and PSS (Product Spec Sheet) standards, too. BCD has extensive hardware engineering experience in:

Circuit DesignPLM Management
PCB LayoutTesting & Debugging
Mechanical DesignSamples & Rapid Prototyping
Packaging DesignPilot Run & P-FEMA

BCD has developed this exacting gate system with the mass production of your order in mind. From prototype to golden sample to manufacture, we can ensure the excellence of your product without failing to get things done quickly