Blue Clover Devices firmware

Your IoT Needs at the Forefront of Firmware Design 

Our clients are savvy enough to know that IoT is revolutionizing the ways consumers interact with their products. As THE IoT ODM, Blue Clover Devices is committed to helping you maintain your edge in this rapidly-changing marketplace.

Integrating the design and manufacturing process has given us the capability to design, develop, test, and deploy firmware for a variety of MCUs (microcontroller units), wireless SoCs (system on a chip devices), custom peripherals, and sensors. Doing all of this in-house allows us to operate at peak efficiency.

No one can deny that IoT wireless connections are the future, and BCD is nothing if not cutting edge. Between our strong, long-lasting relationships with semiconductor industry leaders and our expert production team, we stay on top of the latest firmware development trends, focusing on products and firmware that use the smartest wireless technologies, including Bluetooth/LE, Wifi, Zigbee, and of course, global cellular 3G, 4G, and LTE bands.

In the dynamic world of hardware development, our expertise in IoT functionality is your greatest asset.