Blue Clover Devices Manufacturing

High-Precision Laser Spot Welding

Technology changes fast, and our clients can’t afford to waste time getting their product on the market. Blue Clover Devices epitomizes engineering power, ensuring a quick turnaround for our electronic manufacturing services through speed, quality, and efficiency. In fact, orders entering the production phase are consistently completed within 10 days.

Our engineering team focuses on design for manufacturability, or DFM, a process crucial for quality, cost-effective manufacturing. As an ODM, we understand that there is a complementary relationship between design and manufacture, and that maximizing efficiency means striking the balance between these processes. 

One of BCD’s core values is “Quality First,” and we have committed ourselves to providing true value without sacrificing those turnarounds. While we’re proud of our quality assurance certifications—including ISO 9000, UL, CCC, and MFI—for us, there is no greater stamp of approval than the satisfaction of our clients. 

Combining exacting quality assurance practices with reliable, sophisticated machinery, our Shenzhen factory defines engineering power:

Hot Bar3
Ultrasonic plastic welding machine2
Injection Machine4
Laser Welding Machine6
Solder-paste printer1
Surface mounter2
Reflow oven1
PCBA, including 0201 Components and BGA Assembly
Injection Molding (Plastics and Elastomers)
Painting and Silkscreening
Metal Processing
Testing & Box Building

 electronic manufacturing