Bruce Lee, come join us.


Why Bruce Lee? Born in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Bruce constructed a lasting bridge between American and Chinese culture and shined a spotlight on the technical world of martial arts. Our firm, Blue Clover Devices (BCD) thrives on this skillset. You don’t have to know Kung Fu, but you do need to be technical; able to think on your feet and fight poor design choices like the seemingly endless cascade of villainous thugs in Enter The Dragon. If you have the ability to neutralize chaos in Chinese and English and not fall into an “Um, I may need to get back to you on that one” routine, then BCD might be the place for you.

We are on the front lines of IoT. Our business is based in San Francisco and Shenzhen and consists of providing high-quality development, design, and manufacturing service to our clients. As a manufacturer, we are firmly rooted in the chain of activities required to ship connected devices. This benefits you because you will see real action by working here. You will have the opportunity to work in both English and Chinese every day. You will encounter technical challenges every day. And you will be learning from development, design, and manufacturing pros every day.

So, Bruce, come join us at THE IoT ODM and sharpen your skills to their fullest potential.

Published by Pete Staples (President & Co-Founder, Blue Clover Devices)

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