BlueBook—Our Company Operation System

Blue Clover Devices stays on top of its game with the help of BlueBook. Featuring diagrams, workflows, and checklists, our company operation manual keeps all our departments and job functions running smoothly. All employees can refer to this standardized handbook with procedural questions, and new hires can get up to speed on our processes quickly and easily. This essential system is what keeps your project on schedule even as BCD continues to grow.BCD Blue Book

Each stage of the product design and manufacturing process has its own distinct chapter: DevFlow, NPIFlow, and OrderFlow. We also have a chapter for routine processes across all functions called CompanyFlow. Everyone working in the company gets a BlueBook and is fully trained to be sure that all its contents are understood.

The procedural framework of BlueBook anchors us, giving us the freedom of ingenuity. In our line of work, there are a lot of problems that benefit from thinking outside the box—but generating expense reports isn’t one of them. With the simple written workflows and checklists in BlueBook, we don’t have to waste time debating routine activities, which allows us to concentrate our creative energy on the project at hand. This approach to our standard operating procedures enables us to provide better service to our clients, produce even faster results, and stay true to our goal of more efficient and effective development.